people and places

Camera is always on

Naturally, people are the main focus, but much of the time, what I shoot is not so much for the person, as much as it is for their cause.  I am a big believer in the arts.  At times, art and a charitable cause come together and, when it does, I am there to give freely my time and talent. 

For example, 100 Wheels is a charity that raises money to purchase wheelchairs for disabled veterans.  We organize a music festival highlighting local musicians that last an entire day.  I’ll be there the entire time capturing both video and photographs. 

The art of Acting is also dear to my heart.  I’ve been involved in stage performances (back stage and in front filming them) for years.  


100 Wheels

We’ve delivered over 75 wheelchairs to the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) in Hephzibah, Georgia. 

They serve those that have served. 

You can donate.  Click on the link below: 

Southeastern PVA

cashin’s sculpture garden

I was honored to be on the advisory board of this charity. It’s mission: Blending art into the natural landscape in a way that allows each piece to be dominant in its surroundings.

Cashins Sculpture Garden


From the time I was the proud dad sitting in the audience, watching my little girl on stage, to now, I’ve been a supporter of “the stage”.  

I have created countless DVDs of performances for several community theaters including several performances by the students at Lambert High School.