Videos and Movie Magic

Need a promotional video?  I will work with you to create a unique and engaging short ‘commercial’ to promote your business or cause.  I shoot with high definition cameras and edit on the latest software.  The video is provided to you in a format ready to upload to YouTube or Vimeo. 

Rates start at @200.00.   

Let’s make some magic.  I’ve written and directed short films.  If you are looking for a script from which to make a “short”, I have several you can choose from.  

If you are looking for someone to direct your own script, give me a call.  The best films are created with collaboration. 

Promotional Videos

Making Magic

Do you have a business or cause you want to promote?  We can work together to create a short video to tell your story and to engage others.  I will shoot the video with a high definition camera and edit it on state of the art editing software.  Once completed, you’ll have a video file ready to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. 

Looking to make a short film, but need a script?  I have written a number of scripts that are don’t require a lot of locations or actors.  

Do you have a script for a short film and want to see it on the big screen?  I can direct / produce your short.  


Performing Arts


Contact me if you are interested in seeing any of the scripts on the right. 

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Dumping Amber
David is ending his long relationship with Amber.  During his drive to the dump, something unexpected happens.  17 pages. 


The largest digital media software company in the world has created a new tool for their flagship package called Reveal.  It can take a fuzzy image and make it in focus.  What it reveals has the company in turmoil.  26 pages

Et Tu Latte

Tom sits in the Et Tu Latte coffee shop lamenting over his recent divorce.  He has lost everything – the house, his children, retirement – everything.  His sister playfully suggests a way of doing her in.  He dismisses the idea just as a stranger enters the cafe.  Does the stranger offer a way of murdering his ex?  22 pages. 

 Rule 13-1

How does a golf rule offer us a lesson in life?  Watch and see for yourself.  23 Pages. 

The Hole In One

Yet another lesson in golf that turns out to be a lesson in life.  20 pages. 

The Last Thing, I do

A man facing death reaches out to a high school sweetheart – his soulmate.